A picturesque painting of the Glen Choga Lodge with a red roof situated in a lush, green landscape. The lodge has multiple windows and a central entrance with a porch, adorned with an American flag. Surrounding the lodge are tall trees and well-maintained bushes and flowers, creating a serene and idyllic countryside scene.

Welcome to the Glen Choga Lodge


We hope you enjoy a visit to Glen Choga Lodge, our western North Carolina bed and breakfast, where you walk back in time the minute you enter the property. A pond sits to the left as you drive up the driveway, and the large lodge sits to the right. Check in, and check it all out. Sit by the pond as you catch the feeling that time is slowing down. A day in the mountains is equal to two days in the city. Join others on the front porch, where porch therapy is only 5 cents per session, and we encourage you to stay as long as you like.
A cozy, rustic bedroom with a wooden theme. The bed has a wooden headboard and footboard, both featuring inlaid panels with a natural, textured finish that looks like bark or wood slices. The bedding includes a plaid-patterned quilt and matching pillows in shades of dark green, black, and cream. There are two bedside tables, each with a lamp that has a base resembling tree branches. On one bedside table, there is a traditional white ceramic pitcher and basin set. The walls are paneled with wood, enhancing the rustic cabin feel of the room.

Our Suites

Relax at Glen Choga Lodge

Six one-bedroom suites feature a central bathroom flanked by a bedroom and a sitting room. The bathroom includes a walk-in shower, pedestal sink, and comfort-height toilet. In the sitting room, you'll find a king-size or queen-size sofa bed, bureau, chair, sleeper sofa with a foam mattress, side tables, and a coffee table. All rooms are air-conditioned, and the bathroom has a built-in heater. Each suite is individually decorated.

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A close-up view of a table set for wine and cheese. There is a bottle of Francis Ford Coppola wine, a glass of red wine, a cheese platter with various cheeses, crackers, and a bunch of dark grapes. An olive-green cap and some rustic décor can be seen in the background, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere.


Relax at Glen Choga Lodge

A continental-style breakfast will be available in the dining and parlor room from 8 to 10:30 AM. Coffee and tea will be available 24 hours.

Later on…Happy Hour! You are welcome to join everyone in the living room for a taste of local wines with cheese and crackers.

Stay For Dinner. Enjoy your dinner on your own. Run to town and enjoy Italian, Mexican, or pizza at our delicious local restaurants. Other meals are made available with notice and an extra fee. You are always welcome to use the outside grill for cookouts.

A man and a woman are kayaking on a calm river, wearing yellow life vests. The man is in a blue kayak, and the woman is in a red kayak. They are paddling near each other, surrounded by lush greenery in the background.

Things To Do

For more information on everything the Nantahala Lake area has to offer, learn more or give us a call. We will be happy to help you plan your stay with us.

A close-up view of the rare Stewarti Camellia, a delicate pale yellow flower with a cluster of dark yellow stamens in the center. The flower is surrounded by green leaves and is attached to a slender branch. The background is softly blurred, highlighting the flower's details.

About Us

Glen Choga Lodge is more than just a place to stay; it's a piece of history nestled in the Nantahala Forest, offering a unique experience for those who value heritage and tradition.

A cozy wooden porch with rustic furniture, including wooden chairs, a small table with decorative lanterns, and stools. The porch overlooks a lush green yard, with a log cabin and trees in the background. The setting exudes a warm, inviting atmosphere, perfect for relaxing outdoors.

Relax & Unwind

The Porch is always open. Anytime you like, please sit and enjoy the outdoors, watch hummingbirds and other wildlife with a glass of wine or cup of tea or coffee.

Rows of white chairs are arranged neatly on a lush green lawn, with the rustic, chestnut log walls of the historic Glen Choga Lodge in the background, creating a picturesque and inviting setting for gatherings or events.

Weddings & Events

Our venue is ready for you to begin planning where you will have your ceremony and your reception. Why not stay at the lodge and have it all? There are several ceremony locations to choose from, and any of them would be excellent. Your ceremony can be held at your choice of location on the 20-acre property. Boat rides are available on Nantahala Lake for photos.

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